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Mainly Mug Madness

 Welcome to my world of mug madness pseudo-art collection. The time has come to empty one shelf a day and clear the clutter. Let it be FROM MY SHELF to yours.

My love for mugs started almost 2 decades ago…as I discover it to be a simpler and cheaper way of replacing colors on a canvas. I found a more practical way of living with my art. My need for coffee found a better way of connecting to my love for art and poetry.

Actually, I should pre-date my desrire to 4 decades ago when I could even hardly afford to buy one. Just reading them then made me smile…I guess, they have added colors and humour to my insignificant and mundane world. Now is the time to let go and keep my collections visually alive just in my online memory.

Singapore Mug Is Fine!


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